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GSTmadeeasy is a brand conceptualized and floated by Tributum Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Tributum is an early Roman forms of taxation that included consumption taxes, customs duties, and certain “direct” taxes. The principal of these was the tributum, paid by citizens and usually levied as a head tax.

Tributum Consultants Pvt. Ltd., is founded by a cosmopolitan group of professionals – Practicing Chartered Accountants, GST Professionals, MBAs and Entrepreneurs with over 200 years of cumulative work experience.

GSTmadeeasy is the new age GST solution; which offers products and services on GST compliance and facilitates businesses in understanding GST better. As an integrated solution; it will take care of all the day to day GST related digitizing operations and will leave business enterprises to run their businesses as always…

The enterprising idea of GSTmadeeasy - providing end to end digitizing solutions to MSMEs / small traders and Tax Professionals; conceptualized & driven by Ravi S Rao, and supported by the vast experience of the other founder members, the member enterprises can rely on GSTmadeeasy for all their digitizing solutions in this new GST era.

GST, the most significant tax reform evolving in the country since independence has made enterprises and professionals quite apprehensive. Now, for all your GST requirements, GSTmadeeasy is the new age pioneering solution. GSTmadeeasy shall partner with businesses to make this journey seamless and easy for all our member enterprises, small traders and Tax Professionals.

Coming into effect from July 1st, 2017, across India, this uniform tax combines the various indirect taxes such as VAT, Excise duty, and Service tax amongst others. With GST, the existing 80 lakh businesses under the tax umbrella, are expected to grow by up to 3.5 crores. GSTmadeeasy considers this transformation, not only a tax reform but also as a technological revolution. Driven by technology, this GST tax regime will make India a true Digital India for all businesses and benefit the end-consumer with a unified tax regime.

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